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To start with a personal note and in obedience to my late Mother, Mrs. Dorris Jean Moorer, I knew that I someday had to find a way to help others get the eye care that they need but cannot afford. I needed to pay it forward for the care that I received earlier in life.


I was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes and by 21, I was legally blind. I, nor my parents, had the money to pay for the necessary surgery which was $6,000 in 1997. My beloved mother wrote a letter to what was then the Grace Guild of Sinai-Grace Hospital explaining our plight. Incredibly, the Guild covered the cost of the surgery that restored my vision.

Mother asked me to give back to the community, organizations, and others in Detroit to help in the same manner that I was helped. Promise made, challenge accepted!


Fast forward, 25 years... Detroit was hit very hard during the COVID 19 pandemic. Our sister company, American Advantage Home Care, Inc. (AAHC), answered the call to serve thousands of homebound-patients in and around Detroit with compassion, patient-centrism, quality, integrity, respect for diversity and with attention to detail. As a result and through discussions, research, and needs analysis we discovered that Detroit in general and the homebound community lacked the resources, information, insurance, and awareness needed to close the gap in the realm of Eye Care.


Failure to address these issues has the potential to lead to higher levels of blindness and eye disease of residents in the City of Detroit. In 2022, we decided to develop a new not-for profit offering, separate from AAHC to work with a team of physicians, and eye care professionals to assist Detroiters in mitigating the barriers to access to Eye Care.


We are more than an organization. We are a MOVEMENT, that also consists of a network of physicians, eye care professionals, generous donors, dedicated staff and a board of directors who all care about the eye health and well-being of Detroit! Please join the movement in one or all of the following ways:


A. Referring home-bound patients or at risk-seniors


B. Making a donation to support the eye care of seniors and home-bound residents in Detroit.


C. Volunteering as a health care professional, eye care professional, or community navigator.

D. Spreading the word about eye health, Eye Care For Detroit, and encouraging seniors and those at-risk to seek the care and attention of eye care professionals.


Thanks so much and together we will close this gap and bring a clear path to eye health for homebound Detroiters and at-risk seniors.

"I care, you care, we all care about the Eye Care of Detroiters."

Dr. Cleamon Moorer

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